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76087 Workplace Health and Safety Law

Requisite(s): 70211 Contracts AND 70311 Torts
These requisites may not apply to students in certain courses.
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Changing work practices and the increasing use of technology pose numerous challenges for creating safe working environments. These challenges impact upon employers, directors, management, employees, governments, independent contractors and the self-employed. Lawyers working in policy, private practice, the Courts and business have a vital role to play in ensuring that people are safe in the work they do.

In this subject students examine the key principles of Australian workplace health and safety legislation, as well as the principles of tort, contract, criminal and employment law pertaining to workplace health and safety. The classes are interactive and include guest presentations by legal and work health and safety practitioners.

Through collaborative in-class activities, case discussion and legal advices, students develop practical skills in researching and applying the relevant rules of work health and safety law to advise hypothetical clients of their rights and options. Students also evaluate the effectiveness of Australia's current work health and safety laws and the scope for law and policy reform.

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