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65312 Forensic Imaging

6cp; recorded lecture or asynchronous Canvas module (2hpw), workshop (2hpw), computer lab (2hpw)
Requisite(s): 65242c Principles of Forensic Science
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This subject is designed to introduce the key concepts of the forensic imaging discipline. Through a set of complementary lectures and online modules, workshops and computer labs, students gain theoretical and practical knowledge about the general philosophy of forensic imaging, as well as how to use a digital camera and other imaging equipment, take relevant photographs in a forensic context and perform digital enhancement of images using specialised software, such as Adobe Photoshop. The skills acquired in this subject are essential in forensic science since photography is the best way to document the entire forensic process, from the crime scene to the production of the photographic report. The subject acts as a foundation to build the photographic skills necessary for all forensic science subjects.

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