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60123 Forensic Science Thesis 2

Requisite(s): 65019 Foundations of Forensic Science AND 65009 Forensic Inference and Interpretation
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In this subject students undertake an individual research project in a specific area of interest in forensic science conducted under the supervision of a member of UTS academic staff. Some projects may be conducted externally in conjunction with an industry co-supervisor. This subject is designed to develop students into professional forensic scientists capable of conducting and disseminating research, contributing to existing knowledge in their chosen area, and engaging in continued learning. In collaboration with their supervisors, students plan a project, formulate aims and hypotheses, design and implement experiments, and analyse and interpret the generated data.

As part of their professional development in this subject, students learn how to design, appraise and use appropriate ethical research methods, critically assess the scientific literature and apply existing concepts or theories to their own research, and report their findings to scientific peers. This subject is linked to 60123 Forensic Science Thesis 2 and final marks are allocated upon the completion of that subject.

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