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48540 Signals and Systems

6cp; 4hpw, on campus
Requisite(s): 48520 Electronics and Circuits
Anti-requisite(s): 41090 Information and Signals
Recommended studies:

circuit analysis in both the time and frequency domains, utilising mathematics involving solutions to differential equations using time-domain techniques as well as transform methods

Fields of practice: Electrical Engineering major



This subject presents the theoretical basis for system analysis and gives students skills in using the techniques to design components of real control/communication systems. The derivation of models from real-world devices through measurement and the comparison of model predictions with experimental results is emphasised in the laboratory component of the course. A group project that requires the design and implementation of part of a control/communication system allows students to apply their knowledge to a real-life problem. Topics include signal types and their representation in the time and frequency domains; modelling systems with differential or difference equations and transforms of the equations; signal operations and processing; the relationship between discrete and continuous quantities and the mathematical techniques applicable to each; the effects of feedback; time and frequency domain performance of systems; system stability; and control design techniques and simple communication systems. Through learning activities students also gain study skills, including academic literacy skills, and an appreciation of the different fields of practice of engineering and the interdisciplinary nature of engineering. Class time is used for lectures, tutorials, laboratories and project work. There are a number of formal laboratory sessions that apply control and communication theory, which also familiarise students with the laboratory equipment. The subject culminates in the design and implementation of a control system and communication system for a remote-controlled robot.

Typical availability

Autumn session, City campus

Spring session, City campus

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