University of Technology Sydney

48450 Real-time Operating Systems

Requisite(s): 31251 Data Structures and Algorithms OR 48430 Fundamentals of C Programming

Fields of practice: Computer Systems Engineering program



This subject addresses the purposes, design alternatives and uses of computer operating systems for programming in embedded systems, PC, and servers. After several weeks studying the areas of responsibility that an operating system possesses in the context of a conventional computing environment (PC and server), a treatment of operating systems in support of meeting real-time computing requirements, such as managing operating for programming on PC and server, is completed.

Topics include: process management, scheduling and inter-process communication, memory management and I/O device management. Comparisons of designs including monolithic and microkernel approaches. Embedded systems are explored as case studies for investigating operating systems modifications. The Linux kernel is studied as an example of a UNIX environment and programming exercises are completed in POSIX compliant C. Real-time systems are studied including real-time kernels and real-time CPU scheduling.

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Autumn session, City campus

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