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48240 Design and Innovation Fundamentals

6cp; 2hpw tutorial, weeks 1-4 inclusive; 3hpw, tutorial, weeks 5-12 inclusive; tutorials on campus or online for students who cannot attend class in-person. 2hpw online workshop, weeks 1-12
Requisite(s): 33130 Mathematics 1 AND 48230 Introduction to Engineering Projects
These requisites may not apply to students in certain courses. See access conditions.

Undergraduate and Postgraduate


Design and innovation are explored as fundamental engineering activities through a contextualised, authentic project. Students work on solving a student selected problem in a complex environment where there are a range of possible solutions. Students work to define and understand a problem, develop a prototype solution and articulate why it meets the stakeholder's needs. By the end of this semester, students are able to do this with an engineering mindset having used design thinking and an iterative learning approach with feedback along the way.

The project promotes learning in the following areas:

  • design context and requirements: approaches to design, stakeholder engagement, problem framing and creativity; requirements analysis involving legal, regulatory, technical and business requirements
  • design analysis: concepts of risks and uncertainties in engineering; use of engineering and system modelling approaches for assessing engineering design trade-offs, engineering decision-making in the presence of risks, uncertainties and optimisation
  • new process, product and service development: role of engineers in evaluation and delivering new processes, products and services; designing for manufacture, sustainability, safety, innovation and business driven outcomes; risk management and design communication, documentation and review.

Students develop an understanding of the models of design and innovation processes and the responsibilities and authentic practice of engineers through application of these concepts (as well as scientific principles learnt in their field of practice subjects) to their project.

Typical availability

Autumn session, City campus

Spring session, City campus

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