University of Technology Sydney

43015 Thermofluids B

6cp; 3hpw, on campus, weekly
Requisite(s): 41057 Thermofluids A OR 48641 Fluid Mechanics
Anti-requisite(s): 48651 Thermodynamics

Undergraduate and Postgraduate


Thermal power systems underpin modern techniques in energy conversion for energy generation, mass production, and heating and cooling systems. Energy efficiency is achieved through the optimal design of these systems. The objectives of this subject are to develop fundamental skills and knowledge of applied Thermofluids from an engineering perspective, to thrive in rapidly evolving industry sectors, like energy and transport, which demand a high-level of Thermofluids related skills. Students work on a project, and design and analyse Thermofluids related engineering systems and devices.

Typical availability

Autumn session, City campus

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Access conditions

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