University of Technology Sydney

42909 The Connected Studio

24cp; 35hpw (studio), on campus, block
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Participants are challenged to expand their craft and technical practices in this studio led by creative and technical supervisors drawn from industry. It mirrors the work practices, procedures and standards of a professional digital studio. Structured in crew roles, participants undertake industry-standard creative briefs and work across the disciplines of:

  • story (storyboards, editing, pre-visualisation)
  • art (concept art, graphic design, character design, environment design, prop design)
  • assets (modelling, surfacing, digital matte painting)
  • performance (rigging, animation, camera, layout, effects (FX), crowd systems)
  • visual (lighting, compositing)
  • technical management
  • project management
  • creative management.

The multidisciplinary knowledge bases that inform this studio are supported by masterclass sessions and intensive mentoring by industry and academic experts. Academy members are required to engage in collaborative problem-solving and active knowledge-sharing as a dynamic process in a production environment.

Typical availability

February session, City campus

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Access conditions

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