University of Technology Sydney

42177 Image Processing and Pattern Recognition

6cp; Standard face-to-face, 3 hours per week
Requisite(s): 32555 Fundamentals of Software Development
These requisites may not apply to students in certain courses. See access conditions.
Anti-requisite(s): 31256 Image Processing and Pattern Recognition


Images and videos contain enormous amounts of information that can be extracted automatically by means of image processing and pattern recognition techniques. The extracted information is at the basis of many innovative applications such as video surveillance, diagnosis from medical images, automatic indexing and retrieval of multimedia data, human-computer interaction. This subject gives students the ability to understand the principles of image processing and pattern recognition, to develop software for the automatic analysis and interpretation of images and videos, and to research recent advances in the field.

The goal of this subject is to build advanced knowledge and skills required to develop image processing and computer vision products, services and solutions. During the project students apply the knowledge they have gained to scope, solve, test and communicate a solution to a real-world image processing problem in a collaborative team-based environment. Examples include detection of people and objects in video surveillance, automated diagnosis from medical images, and detection and recognition of faces in imagery. Students also engage with recent image processing research to develop a more advanced understanding of this rapidly evolving field.

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