University of Technology Sydney

41024 Advanced Games Programming

6cp; 3hpw, on campus, weekly
Requisite(s): 31263 Introduction to Computer Game Development AND 31251 Data Structures and Algorithms
These requisites may not apply to students in certain courses.
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This subject explores advanced topics in games development, including artificial intelligence, procedural content generation, and networked multiplayer. These topics are taught through the Unreal Engine, requiring students to work extensively with C++, which students are expected to have prior experience with. The concepts and algorithms that students learn here are generlizable and can be applied across various game development environments.

This subject encourages students to further develop their understanding of these topics and bring them together in a session-long group project, resulting in the creation of a novel and technically advanced game or tool prototype. This prototype benefits student portfolios for future employment opportunities and enables students in the Bachelor of Science in Games Development to make strong contributions in the third-year capstone group projects. The creation of the subject material was supported by the 2019 Epic MegaGrants scheme provided by the developers of the Unreal Engine.

Typical availability

Spring session, City campus

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