University of Technology Sydney

41013 Industrial Robotics

6cp; 3hpw
Requisite(s): (48622 Embedded Mechatronics Systems AND 33230 Mathematics 2 AND (41039 Programming 1 OR 48430 Fundamentals of C Programming OR 37171 Introduction to Programming OR 48221 Engineering Computations OR 48023 Programming Fundamentals))
Recommended studies:

Maths review

Code review



This subject is an introduction to industrial robotics and the underlying algorithms and mathematics. Students develop an understanding of the representation of an industrial robot’s manipulator pose, kinematics and control. Students are given the opportunity to learn about the variety of robot manipulation tasks that are, or could potentially be performed by robots. In teams, students build their own simulated industrial robot. This includes the opportunity to model the robot arm then write control and planning software so that it can perform motion tasks.

This subject integrates safety into the design and working procedure, and encourages students to be aware of safety engineering to lower risk and prevent robot-related accidents from occurring. This subject also investigates ethical questions related to the inevitable increase of robots in industry and our daily lives. Discussions are encouraged around the implications these changes have on society, and specifically a human workforce that may no longer be required due to no fault of their own.

Typical availability

Spring session, City campus

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