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36102 iLab 1

12cp; 3 x 4hrs (online), plus independent online work and negotiated supervision and client meetings
Requisite(s): 36100 Data Science for Innovation AND 36103 Statistical Thinking for Data Science AND 36106 Machine Learning Algorithms and Applications
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In this transdisciplinary innovation lab, students work individually and in teams to investigate traditional and emerging big data sets, and test theories or frameworks prior to rapidly developing a data driven prototype or proof of concept. In the iLab, they generate creative possibilities by combining new data sources with existing data. Each student / student teams design experiments (for real or simulated stakeholders) and evaluate the potential of different software technologies and developing key aspects of thinking like a data science professional. They consider the implications of their findings for different stakeholders and write a range of data narratives to explore the communication of data results for different purposes. Using real life, 'messy' data sets, students develop and study different workflows handling the extraction of value from diverse data types.

Typical availability

Spring session, City campus

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