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23569 Economic Growth, Development and Sustainability

Requisite(s): (23567 Intermediate Microeconomics OR 25567 Intermediate Microeconomics) AND (23568 Intermediate Macroeconomics OR 25568 Intermediate Macroeconomics)
These requisites may not apply to students in certain courses.
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Anti-requisite(s): 25569 Economic Growth and Development



Economic growth has played an important role in raising living standards since the industrial revolution in a number of countries around the world but that growth and its impact on human welfare, has been very unevenly distributed. Many countries continue to experience unacceptably low standards of living and are in need of significant economic development. At the same time, many in the more developed economies are calling for a re-think of the continuous emphasis placed on economic growth given the link between growth and climate change.

This subject explores the nature of economic growth, the various explanations economists have offered for the process of growth, and the relationship between growth and economic development, particularly in poorer countries. It examines the potential limits on growth, and considers what a sustainable and globally just approach to growth might look like with careful attention paid to the development needs of poorer nations.

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