University of Technology Sydney

20106 Management Capstone

6cp; availability: C10226 Bachelor of Business (Shanghai University) students only
Requisite(s): 20101 Management Skills AND Two subjects from 20102, 20103, 20104, 20105
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This subject is regarded as a crowning achievement and consolidates the knowledge that has been learnt in the major as well as integrates the core disciplines in a holistic manner. The subject provides students with opportunities to apply the knowledge and skills developed before and during their final year of undergraduate study. Students gain transferable skills with research application including presentation, research process and team-working skills. Students produce submissions to relevant authorities, professional bodies and the wider academic community through a formal presentation. The subject engages students in ethical and sustainability issues at the same time giving them experience of some of the practical aspects of management, highlighting how various business disciplines contribute to their professional knowledge.

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