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17914 Major Project 1

6cp; 20hpw, online
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Major Project 1, together with Major Project 2, develops core skills that give students the ability to successfully complete rigorous and original planning problem-solving exercises. These skills enable students to design, conduct, and oversee original applied research. The Major Project subjects are designed to be flexible, so that students can take them in any order. Students work with an academic supervisor to identify which tasks will be completed in each of the research subjects; after completing both subjects, students have a sound grasp of all the topics identified here. They also have completed a research report on their chosen topic.

In Major Project 1 and Major Project 2, students:

i) develop skills in problem identification and framing
ii) do a literature review
iii) research methodology design
iv) data collection and analysis
v) communicate the findings
vi) draw conclusions and policy recommendations from the findings
vii) communicate the research

Typically students will complete first three tasks in the Major Project 1 i.e. problem identification and framing, literature review and methodology design. In Major Project 2 students will complete the rest of the tasks which includes data collection and analysis, communicating the finding, drawing conclusion and policy recommendation and finally communicating the design by various techniques.

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