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11206 Introduction to Construction and Structural Synthesis

6cp; 3hpw (1hr lecture; 2hr tutorial), on campus.
Requisite(s): 11214 Spatial Communications 1
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This subject provides an introduction to the selection and integration of structural types, material performance and construction practices in architecture and provides students with a creative framework for the active and critical thinking of the spatial, material and structural consequences of architectural design.

Throughout the semester students gain knowledge of structural design principles, material and construction systems through lectures and tutorials. The subject provides opportunities for students to engage and investigate the performance of structural typologies via a case study analysis, experimentation, model-making, technical drawings and enables them to apply their knowledge and to gain direct experience in the rigours involved with taking a design idea through to physical realisation.

The different assessment tasks are designed in order to provide an informed, experienced-based understanding of structural types and the possibilities and consequences of the materials through which they operate. The tasks incorporate both historical and contemporary precedents and practices and aim to build a design-driven generative relationship to construction and structures.

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Spring session, City campus

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