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11199 Landscape Architecture Studio 6

12cp; 8hpw (2hr lecture; 6hrs practice-oriented studio)
Requisite(s): 11188 Landscape Architecture Studio 5
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The studio addresses the landscape of cities. it looks at how landscape can influence settlement, transport and infrastructure, and how landscape architecture can influence the process of urbanisation to make better urban places. The method entails deep analysis of the ecology, built form and human activity in a landscape; development of multi-scalar strategic aproaches to urbanisation; and speculative design approaches to form-making and landscape processes. All entail an appreciation of contemporary political, economic, social and environmental issues. Course content includes integrating urban and landscape design principles; the design of streets, parks, housing, commerce, transport; the ethics and values of planning for urbanism; the legislative context of planning; land management in New South Wales, and landscape led urban design.

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