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11188 Landscape Architecture Studio 5

12cp; 8hpw (Autumn session): 2hpw (lecture), 6hpw (studio)
Requisite(s): 11178 Landscape Architecture Studio 4 OR 11198 Landscape Architecture Studio 4
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This studio uses the process of design to explore a particular topic, incorporating an interest in a specific landscape phenomena and/or site with a particular focus on the climate emergency at a time of increasing environmental change and rising social inequality.

The studio is structured around a strategy for apprehending and transforming the world around us. The strategy is defined by its conceptual framework and accompanying representational forms and techniques. In support of this approach, students are introduced to a community of projects, practitioners and scholars, and learn to position themselves critically relative to the thinking and activities of others. On this basis, design is pursued as a form of intellectual and material inquiry.

In this studio students approach design in a manner that is integrated and multiscalar, addressing a project's definition from the perspective of space, materiality, systems and time. They develop and resolve ideas through a variety of modes of representation representational including, but not limited to drawings and models (analogue and digital) and discursively through presentations, tutorials and workshops. The outcomes of the studio emphasise the potential of landscape architecture to effect positive change in the world.

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