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020212 Professional Experience for In-Service Teachers

Requisite(s): 020213 Maths Methods for In-Service Teachers (Year 7-12)
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The subject is designed to develop and enhance the established teaching practices of a qualified teacher who is adding a disciplinary specialisation. Focus in the subject is aligned to the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers (APST), drawing on teaching methods specifically for the teaching of the subject speciality (eg. mathematics) at the level of Proficiency for a teacher seeking accreditation. The subject focuses on bringing together students’ knowledge and teaching practices gained throughout the course to successfully complete a portfolio of evidence and annotations that contribute to becoming an effective secondary teacher in the additional specialisation. During PEX placements, the teachers are required to demonstrate appropriate teaching methods and practices in the subject speciality; gather appropriate evidence to demonstrate subject specific curriculum knowledge and teaching practices and complete a portfolio of evidence of practice. Students are supported by a classroom supervisor and a tertiary supervisor. Furthermore, online teaching materials and activities support students to systematically reflect and extend this practice-oriented learning.

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Spring session, City campus

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