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013402 Professional Experience and Classroom Management 2

6cp; 3hpw x 5wks (lecture and tutorial, online), 2hpw x 4wks (independent study, online)
Requisite(s): ( 013401 Professional Experience and Classroom Management 1 OR ((013009 Professional Experience 1 (Commerce, Business and Economics) OR 013012 Professional Experience 1 (English) OR 013011 Professional Experience 1 (English/History) OR 013023 Professional Experience 1 (Mathematics) OR 013021 Professional Experience 1 (Science) OR 013018 Professional Experience 1 (Mathematics/Science) OR 013019 Professional Experience 1 (Personal Development, Health and Physical Education) OR 013022 Professional Experience 1 (Visual Arts) OR 013016 Professional Experience 1 (Languages)))) AND 013410c Capstone: Professional Vision in Practice
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This subject builds on learning from Professional Experience 1 during an extended professional experience. In this subject students enhance and demonstrate their achievement of AITSL graduate teacher standards regarding: professional knowledge; professional practice; and professional engagement. This subject builds classroom management capabilities introducing the concepts of careful instructional planning and delivery, and relationship development as effective classroom management practices. This is tied to the Teacher Performance Assessment (TPA) component of the subject. The TPA requires students to plan, teach, assess and evaluate the outcomes of a formal, whole-class assessment task.

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