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013401 Professional Experience and Classroom Management 1

6cp; 3hpw x 5wks (lecture and tutorial, online), 2hpw x 4wks (independent study, online)
Requisite(s): (013411 English Teaching Methods 1 OR 013415 Mathematics Teaching Methods 1 OR 013423 Languages Teaching Methods 1 OR 013431 Visual Arts Teaching Methods 1 OR 013419 Science Teaching Methods 1 OR 013437 History Teaching Method OR 013438 Business Studies/Economics Teaching Methods 1 OR 013427 Personal Development, Health and Physical Education Teaching Methods 1 OR 013435 Human Society and its Environment Teaching Methods 1)) OR ((013039c Commerce, Business Studies and Economics Teaching Methods 1 OR 013041c English Teaching Methods 1 OR 013045c History Teaching Methods 1 OR 013046c Language Teaching Methods 1 OR 013047c Mathematics Teaching Methods 1 OR 013048c Personal Development, Health and Physical Education Teaching Methods 1 OR 013049c Science Teaching Methods 1 OR 013050c Visual Arts Teaching Methods 1)
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Anti-requisite(s): 94680 Entering Professional Life (6cp) AND 94681 Entering Professional Life (8cp)


During an extended professional experience, students develop capabilities in the AITSL domains of teaching: professional knowledge; professional practice; and professional engagement. This subject targets classroom management by exploring what effective teachers do to organise an inclusive learning environment to maximise student engagement in learning and minimise disruption. The subject also draws upon relevant policy, legislation and guidelines for anti-racism, anti-bullying and student wellbeing to provide students with the skills and understanding required to begin to manage learning environments in a secondary school. A threshold requirement for this subject is the satisfactory completion of professional experience in a designated school.

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Autumn session, City Campus
Spring session, City Campus

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