University of Technology Sydney

Postgraduate courses

Research degrees

Doctor of Philosophy
C03025Master of Science (Research) in Computing Sciences
C03051Master of Analytics (Research)

Coursework degrees

C04160Master of Science in Internetworking
C04222Master of Interaction Design
C04224Master of Science in Internetworking (Extension)
C04234Master of Interaction Design (Extension)
C04295Master of Information Technology
C04296Master of Information Technology (Extension)
C04297Master of Information Technology (Advanced)
C04404Master of Professional Practice
C04406Master of Technology
C04423Master of Animation and Visualisation
C04430Master of Cybersecurity
C04431Master of Cybersecurity (Extension)
C04443Master of Artificial Intelligence
C06113Graduate Diploma in Information Technology
C06123Graduate Diploma in Interaction Design
C06136Graduate Diploma in Professional Practice
C06137Graduate Diploma in Technology
C06147Graduate Diploma in Artificial Intelligence
C07080Graduate Diploma in Internetworking
C11142Graduate Certificate in Information Technology
C11145Graduate Certificate in Internetworking
C11247Graduate Certificate in Information Technology Studies
C11272Graduate Certificate in Interaction Design
C11298Graduate Certificate in Professional Practice
C11301Graduate Certificate in Technology
C11326Graduate Certificate in Animation and Visualisation

Online Coursework degrees

C04434Master of Technology Management
C04435Executive Master of Technology Management
C06142Graduate Diploma in Technology Management
C11339Graduate Certificate in Artificial Intelligence Management
C11340Graduate Certificate in Cybersecurity Management
C11341Graduate Certificate in Technology Management