University of Technology Sydney

Postgraduate course information

Postgraduate coursework

Progression rules

Postgraduate students are advised that they will be excluded from a course if they:

  • fail to meet the minimum rate of progress by failing more than 50 per cent of the total number of enrolled credit points from the commencement of the course
  • exceed the maximum time allowed for completion of a course (section 10.5 of the Student and Related Rules).

Postgraduate research

The Faculty's postgraduate research degrees encourage both disciplinary and interdisciplinary approaches, and focus on developing research capabilities relevant to academic and professional careers. Applicants are required to locate their research within one of the three schools of the Faculty: Communication, Education, and International Studies. Applicants should ensure that their interests fit with a minimum of two researchers in the Faculty.

Postgraduate research students at UTS belong to a vibrant research community working with leading academics in their area of study. Students come from a variety of professional communities and academic backgrounds, are encouraged to be active members of the faculty’s research groups, and are integral to the success the faculty’s research activities and profile.

How to apply

Applications for research degrees should be made through UTS Graduate Research School.