University of Technology Sydney

STM91473 First and second-year core subjects

93201  Foundations of Nursing Practice 1 A  6cp
93202  Preparation for Clinical Practice  6cp
93203  Healthcare Communication  6cp
93204  Foundations of Nursing Practice 1B  6cp
93205  Health and Society  6cp
93206  Introduction to Clinical Practice  6cp
93207  Foundations of Nursing Practice 2A  6cp
93208  Clinical Practice 2A  6cp
93209  Nursing Care of the Older Person  6cp
93210  Foundations of Nursing Practice 2B  6cp
93211  Clinical Practice 2B  6cp
93213  Fundamentals of Mental Health Nursing  6cp
91562  Health and Homeostasis 1  6cp
91561  Health and Homeostasis 2  6cp
91529  Pathophysiology and Pharmacology 1  6cp
93212  Indigenous Health and Well-Being  6cp
Total  96cp