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93209 Nursing Care of the Older Person

6cp; Standard/intensive; 1hpw (online lecture) X 5 weeks, 4 X 5 hour laboratories for 4 weeks
Requisite(s): (93204 Foundations of Nursing Practice 1B AND 93206 Introduction to Clinical Practice) OR (92431 Human Life Course Development AND (92433 Assessment and Therapeutics in Health Care 2 OR 92449 Health Assessment and Nursing Therapeutics))
These requisites may not apply to students in certain courses.
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In this subject students explore the foundational principles and practice of person-centred nursing care of the older person in a variety of health care contexts. Students explore the normal ageing process and the diseases and dysfunctions that can occur in older age. The provision of quality care to the older person with multiple physical, social and psychological co-morbidities is emphasised. Students gain skills in undertaking comprehensive health assessments of older persons and gain an understanding of interprofessional approaches to care. Students continue to develop nursing skills specifically in relation to wound care, continence and bowel management, enteral supports, and end-of-life care. Students develop an understanding of The Aged Care Standards and how they relate to their nursing practice, with reference to the recent Royal Commission in to the Aged Care Quality and Safety. Through the provision of interactive online modules, collaborative laboratory activities and lectures provided by industry experts, this subject encourages students to engage with this important area of health care.

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