University of Technology Sydney

STM90839 Core subjects (Creative Intelligence and Innovation)

81511  Problems to Possibilities  8cp
81512  Creative Practice and Methods  8cp
81513  Past, Present, Future of Innovation  8cp
81514  Creativity and Complexity  8cp
81515  Leading Innovation  8cp
81516  Initiatives and Entrepreneurship  8cp
81524  Transdisciplinary Practice at the Cutting Edge  6cp
81522  Innovation Internship A  6cp
81531  Industry Innovation Project  12cp
81532  Creative Intelligence Capstone  12cp
Select 6 credit points of options:  6cp
81525  Innovation Internship B 6cp 
81523  Speculative Start-up 6cp 
Select 6 credit points of options:  6cp
81521  Envisioning Futures 6cp 
81528  New Knowledge-making Lab 6cp 
Total  96cp