University of Technology Sydney

81524 Transdisciplinary Practice at the Cutting Edge

6cp; 12 hrs per week for 3 weeks
Requisite(s): 32 credit points of completed study in spk(s): STM90839 Core subjects (Creative Intelligence and Innovation)
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This subject invites students to reflect on their unique strengths and talents, and position themselves as cutting-edge transdisciplinary practitioners within a professional ecosystem of their choice. Students identify their unique transdisciplinary expertise to offer advice to partners on ways in which they could approach emerging programs of work to achieve positive changes in the world. They then showcase artefacts of their work and pitch their unique transdisciplinary value to a target audience of potential employers, clients and/or collaborators. In the process, students must become adept at the art of translation and recognise the liminal space they occupy between their chosen professional field and the burgeoning global community of transdisciplinary practitioners.

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