University of Technology Sydney

MAJ02901 Quantum Information Science

Our capacity to process and transmit information is fundamentally determined by the physical systems we use for these tasks. Quantum information science studies a paradigm for information processing technologies that is empowered by quantum mechanics, our most fundamental physical theory. This exciting field has demonstrated that quantum information processing can outperform their classical counterpart and is a revolutionary direction to investigate for future information technologies. The Quantum Information Science major incorporates techniques from computer science, mathematics, and physics. Students learn basic concepts at the heart of computer science and quantum mechanics through to cutting edge, industry-leading topics in quantum computing such as quantum algorithms, quantum computer architectures, and quantum programming. This major equips students with advanced, interdisciplinary technical proficiency, enabling them to pursue careers in quantum information technologies and, more broadly, in analysis intensive industries, technology start-ups, or research and development roles in leading technology companies or academia.

Completion requirements

37233  Linear Algebra  6cp
43025  Introduction to Quantum Computing  6cp
41076  Methods in Quantum Computing  6cp
41173  Quantum Software and Programming  6cp
Select 24 credit points of options:  24cp
41052  Advanced Algorithms 6cp 
42028  Deep Learning and Convolutional Neural Network 6cp 
41175  Emerging Topics in Quantum Information Science 6cp 
31250  Introduction to Data Analytics 6cp 
31005  Machine Learning 6cp 
37262  Mathematical Statistics 6cp 
37161  Probability and Random Variables 6cp 
41174  Quantum Algorithms 6cp 
41171  Quantum Computer Architectures 6cp 
41172  Quantum Information Theory 6cp 
Total  48cp