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37161 Probability and Random Variables

6cp; 1.5hpw (workshop), 2hpw (lab class); activities on campus, with workshop also available in recorded form
Requisite(s): (35101 Introduction to Linear Dynamical Systems OR 37131 Introduction to Linear Dynamical Systems) AND (35151 Introduction to Statistics OR 26134 Business Statistics OR 37151 Introduction to Statistics)) OR ((33130c Mathematics 1 OR 68103 Mathematics for Secondary Education Statistics OR 33190 Mathematical Modelling for Science)
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Anti-requisite(s): 35363 Stochastic Models


When modelling real-world problems we need to deal with uncertainty, and probability provides an effective way to quantify and model uncertainty. This subject introduces concepts in probability such as dependent and independent events as well as conditional probability. The idea of modelling random events with distributions is introduced, including probability calculation, expectation, variance, generating functions, and order statistics for independent events. The subject concludes by considering discrete Markov chains.

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