University of Technology Sydney

MAJ01124 Mathematical and Statistical Modelling

Select 48 credit points of options:  48cp
CBK90640  Elective 6cp 
37458  Advanced Bayesian Methods 6cp 
37234  Advanced Calculus 6cp 
37357  Advanced Statistical Modelling 6cp 
37464  Advanced Stochastic Processes 6cp 
37356  Design and Analysis of Experiments 6cp 
37335  Differential Equations 6cp 
60102  Ethics in Animal Research 2cp 
60105  Ethics in Human Research 2cp 
37171  Introduction to Programming for Mathematics 6cp 
37336  Mathematical Methods 6cp 
35114  Mathematical Research Project 24cp 
35112  Mathematical Research Project A 12cp 
35113  Mathematical Research Project B 12cp 
37438  Modern Analysis with Applications 6cp 
37459  Multivariate Data Analysis 6cp 
37344  Network and Combinatorial Optimisation 6cp 
37343  Nonlinear Methods in Quantitative Management 6cp 
35366  Numerical Methods of Finance 6cp 
37242  Optimisation in Quantitative Management 6cp 
60109  Professional Science Document Writing 2cp 
37373  Programming for Data Analysis 6cp 
37345  Quantitative Management Practice 6cp 
60106  Research Proposal Writing 2cp 
60116  Risk Assessment and Management for Science 2cp 
37253  Sample Surveys 6cp 
35502  Seminar A 6cp 
35503  Seminar B 6cp 
35504  Seminar C 6cp 
35505  Seminar D 6cp 
37262  Simulation Modelling 6cp 
35364  Statistics for Quantitative Finance 6cp 
35365  Stochastic Calculus in Finance 6cp 
37363  Stochastic Processes 6cp 
Total  48cp