University of Technology Sydney

35003 Modern Algebra

8cp; 2 x 1.5hpw (workshop, on campus)
There are course requisites for this subject. See access conditions.
Recommended studies:

Discrete Mathematics 37181 or Algebra 68105


This subject enables students to think abstractly and work confidently with concepts underpinning much of modern mathematics and computer science. Abstract concepts such as groups, rings and fields are introduced via non-trivial applications and examples which give real-world motivation. Topics include factoring algorithms for integers, quadratic residues, permutations, normal subgroups and simple groups, finite fields, principal ideal domains and unique factorization domains, factoring algorithms for polynomials; applications to modern (post-quantum) cryptography.

Note: undergraduate students who want to take Modern Algebra as a 6 credit point subject can enrol in 35391 Seminar (Mathematics) if in Science Faculty and
32019 Directed Study 1,
32009 Directed Study 2,
32021 Directed Study 3,
31013 Directed Study 4 if in Computer Science/FEIT Faculty. Please discuss with your Program Coordinator in Maths or FEIT.

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