University of Technology Sydney

CBK92226 Electives

Select 12 credit points of options:  12cp
220700  Data Driven Decision Making 6cp 
570100  Data Ethics and Regulation 6cp 
250799  Finance Fundamentals 6cp 
260776  Foundation of Business Analytics 3cp 
210711  Global Logistics and Distribution 6cp 
260701  Governance and Sustainability 6cp 
014226  Leading Innovative Practices 6cp 
210880  Leading People and Change 6cp 
210894  Management in Turbulent Times 3cp 
230709  Managerial Economics 6cp 
210709  Monitor, Measure and Evaluate Supply Chain Performance 6cp 
210710  Operational Procurement and Contract Administration 6cp 
210708  Problem Solving in Business Operations using Technologies 6cp 
014162  Strategic Learning in Workplaces 6cp 
210707  Supply Chain Risk and Disruption Management 6cp 
210954  Sustainable Enterprise in Dynamic Systems 3cp 
Total  12cp