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210894 Management in Turbulent Times

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Anti-requisite(s): 21894 How to Measure and Manage Your Organisation's Capabilities During Turbulent Times



As greater disruption affects the Australian economy, from technology change, COVID-19, and other sources, the ability of Australian businesses to respond and make decisions during volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous (VUCA) environments cannot be more emphasised. It has become imperative that businesses start looking at dynamic management capabilities required for sensing, seizing and transforming their resources according to strategic priorities. Doing so will enable an organisation’s substantive capabilities to change over time, making it easier to pivot their business and remain resilient to challenges in the future

This subject equips firms and managers with the ability to differentiate and understand the significance, importance, and impact of ordinary and dynamic management capabilities (the ability to sustain and adapt to change) on the quality of managerial decisions, strategic change and organisational performance. At the end of this subject, students are able to apply techniques to design and assess dynamic management capability metrics tailored to their business, adapt to future challenges proactively, and make policy changes at speed. These skills are instrumental in building capabilities for firms of all sizes and will facilitate the creation of more productive and innovative business, and a strengthened business community with improved human capital.

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