University of Technology Sydney

CBK92177 Marketing Research electives

Select 18 credit points of options:  18cp
24915  Advanced Methods in Consumer Psychology 6cp 
24916  Advanced Methods in Marketing Strategy 6cp 
23972  Bayesian Econometrics for Research 6cp 
23930  Econometrics 1 6cp 
23932  Econometrics 3 6cp 
25864  Finance Theory 6cp 
23937  Game Theory 6cp 
21937  Managing, Leading and Stewardship 6cp 
24914  Meta-Analysis Methods 6cp 
21991  Quantitative Methods and Analysis 6cp 
21908  Research Design and Organisation 6cp 
23973  Research in Behavioural Economics 6cp 
23974  Research in Experimental Economics 6cp 
21797  Strategic Supply Chain Management 6cp 
Total  18cp