University of Technology Sydney

CBK92004 Electives

Select 6 credit points of options:  6cp
090021  Advanced Biostatistics 6cp 
090022  Advanced Epidemiology 6cp 
96335  Contemporary Approaches to Digital Health 6cp 
260777  Data Processing Using SAS 3cp 
320146  Data Visualisation and Visual Analytics 6cp 
260776  Foundation of Business Analytics 3cp 
96337  Foundations of Healthcare Systems 6cp 
96332  Fundamentals of Health Information Management 6cp 
090043  Health Economics 6cp 
96329  Implementing and Evaluating Change 6cp 
96326  Improving Safety and Quality in Healthcare 6cp 
96327  Leading Health and Social Care 6cp 
320513  Machine Learning 6cp 
96340  Managing for Value-Based Care 6cp 
96336  Organisational Management in Health Care 6cp 
96331  Planning for Health and Social Services 6cp 
96341  Policy, Power and Politics in Health Care 6cp 
090044  Program Evaluation in Public Health 6cp 
96330  Quality and Safety Improvement Methods 6cp 
96328  Systems and Service Innovation 6cp 
Total  6cp