University of Technology Sydney

CBK91880 Electives

Select 36 credit points of options:  36cp
96709  Adolescent Sexual and Reproductive Health 6cp 
96706  Advanced Biostatistics 6cp 
96705  Advanced Epidemiology 6cp 
96700  Communicable Disease 6cp 
96707  Complementary and Traditional Medicine in Public Health 6cp 
92638  Foundations of the Australian Healthcare System 6cp 
96076  Genomics in Healthcare 6cp 
23787  Health Technology Assessment 6cp 
26703  Introductory Health Economics 6cp 
96023  Non-communicable Disease 6cp 
92050  Policy, Power and Politics in Health Care 6cp 
92845  Primary Health Care in Diabetes 6cp 
96725  Principles of Primary Health Care 6cp 
96710  Professional Placement in Health Services Management and Public Health 6cp 
92026  Reproductive and Sexual Health: A Population Health Approach 6cp 
96736  Research Project 1 12cp 
96737  Research Project 2 12cp 
Total  36cp