University of Technology Sydney

CBK91175 Electives (Primary Health Care)

Select 18 credit points of options:  18cp
92607  Education for Practice Development 6cp 
92620  Family and Community Health Practice 6cp 
92974  Fundamentals of Biostatistics 6cp 
92973  Fundamentals of Qualitative Research 6cp 
92932  Management for Clinicians 6cp 
92603  Managing Quality, Risk and Cost in Health Care 6cp 
92606  Nursing Leadership in Contemporary Health Care 6cp 
92887  Organisational Management in Health Care 6cp 
92021  Perinatal Mental Health 6cp 
92847  Planning and Evaluating Health Services 6cp 
92050  Policy, Power and Politics in Health Care 6cp 
92026  Reproductive and Sexual Health: A Population Health Approach 6cp 
92917  Using Health Care Data for Decision Making 6cp 
Total  18cp