University of Technology Sydney

Postgraduate courses

Research degrees

C02090Doctor of Philosophy
C03001Master of Architecture (Research)
C03002Master of Built Environment (Research)
C03012Master of Design (Research)

Coursework degrees

C04006Master of Project Management
C04007Master of Planning
C04008Master of Property Development
C04235Master of Architecture
C04270Master of Landscape Architecture
C04294Master of Real Estate Investment
C04315Master of Property Development and Investment
C04316Master of Property Development and Planning
C04317Master of Property Development and Project Management
C06006Graduate Diploma in Property Development
C06033Graduate Diploma in Local Government
C06125Graduate Diploma in Landscape Architecture
C06126Graduate Diploma in Construction Management
C07002Graduate Diploma in Planning
C07004Graduate Diploma in Project Management
C07119Graduate Diploma in Design
C07147Graduate Diploma in Architecture
C11005Graduate Certificate in Project Management
C11053Graduate Certificate in Local Government
C11270Graduate Certificate in Planning
C11271Graduate Certificate in Property Development
C11275Graduate Certificate in Landscape Architecture
C11276Graduate Certificate in Construction Management
C11346Graduate Certificate in Architecture

Online Coursework degrees

C04439Master of Urban Design
C04441Master of Urban Planning
C04445Master of Property Development
C06144Graduate Diploma in Urban Design
C06145Graduate Diploma in Urban Planning
C06150Graduate Diploma in Property Development
C11343Graduate Certificate in Urban Planning and Design
C11356Graduate Certificate in Property Development