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C07145v3 Graduate Diploma in Business Analytics

Award(s): Graduate Diploma in Business Analytics (GradDipBusAnalyt)
Commonwealth supported place?: No
Load credit points: 48
Course EFTSL: 1
Location: Online campus


This is an exit-only course. There is no direct admission to it. Current UTS students may be able to submit an Internal Course Transfer (Graduating) application to exit with this course. See the Course transfer page for further details.

Course intended learning outcomes
Course duration and attendance
Course structure
Course completion requirements
Exit award
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The UTS Online Graduate Diploma in Business Analytics is an exit-only qualification for the Master of Business Analytics, a unique transdisciplinary program of study in business analytics. With subjects drawn from UTS Business School, the Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology and the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, students are provided with a course structure that fits their background and experience, as well as flexible specialisations to meet new needs and career interests. The course is delivered fully online, part-time, enabling students to continue to work full-time while attaining the business analytical skills to take control of their career and apply the skills they learn in the course immediately at work, regardless of their industry.

Course intended learning outcomes

1.1 Research and evaluate the assumptions implicit in data and apply analytical techniques to facilitate business decision making
1.2 Create business solutions utilising data for a range of business stakeholders
2.1 Convey information and decisions clearly in written, verbal and visual form to business stakeholders
2.2 Interact with colleagues and stakeholders to work effectively towards agreed outcomes
3.1 Evaluate and apply professional ethical standards, the principles of sustainability, social responsibility, and Indigenous values as business analysts
4.1 Apply data analysis techniques to business information to help guide effective decision-making in local and international contexts

Course duration and attendance

This is an exit-only course.

Course structure

The course totals 48 credit points and consists of a combination of core, including foundation stream subjects.

Course completion requirements

CBK91894 Foundation Option (Business Analytics) 12cp
260776 Foundation of Business Analytics 3cp
260777 Data Processing Using SAS 3cp
570100 Data Ethics and Regulation 6cp
230708 Foundation Studio 6cp
430031 Python Programming for Data Processing 6cp
Select 12 credit points of options: 12cp
240753 Customer Analytics6cp 
320146 Data Visualisation and Visual Analytics6cp 
220789 Financial Analytics6cp 
320513 Machine Learning6cp 
Total 48cp

Exit award

This is an exit-only course for students enrolled in the Master of Business Analytics (C04412) in accordance with the provisions of Section 13 (Awards and graduation). There is no direct entry in this course.

Other information

Further information is available from:

telephone 1300 477 423
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