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48510 Introduction to Electrical and Electronic Engineering


Fields of practice: Electrical Engineering, ICT Engineering, Mechatronic Engineering, Biomedical Engineering majors



The subject material is organised around two modules.

In Module 1 (The Basics) basic electrical concepts such as voltage, current, resistance and power are introduced; simple circuit analysis techniques for DC and AC circuits are studied; and an analysis of the types, properties and functions of components commonly found in a linear DC power supply is used as an application of this basic knowledge. The practical aspects of this module include learning how to use basic equipment such as a multimeter and digital storage oscilloscope (DSO), learning some simple 'tinkering' skills, and building and testing of simple circuits.

In Module 2 (Signals in Electrical Engineering) an application called the Filter Challenge is used to provide a context for presentation of material related to time and frequency domain representation of electrical signals including Bode plots and simple first-order RC filters.

Typical availability

Autumn session, City campus
Spring session, City campus

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