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41035 Engineering Practice Preparation 1

3cp; 1 x 1hr (lecture), 6 x 2hrs (computer-based tutorial), 1 x 3hrs (seminar)
Requisite(s): 48230c Engineering Communication
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Engineering Practice



International students in five-year combined degrees (C09068, C09070, C09072, C09074 and C09076), students in the Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) (C09066) and the Master of Professional Engineering (C04309) are required to undertake online post-enrolment language assessment (OPELA) screening prior to commencing in this subject. Students who achieve a Band 1 result are required to undertake 42015 Engineering Practice in an Australian Context instead of this subject. Students who achieve a Band 2 or 3 result may continue with this subject.


This early-stage undergraduate subject helps initiate students to the engineering workplace by guiding them through the employment process; developing the communication and documentation skills appropriate to engineering practice; showing them how to learn through experience; exploring the nature and culture of the workplace; introducing ethical and social issues; and helping them to plan for their own personal and professional development. Students negotiate their learning options from a range of compulsory and optional topics including ethics and social responsibility; industrial relations; workplace, health and safety; and the culture of engineering. Some tasks include preparing a personal résumé, job application letters, employment interviewing, learning style assessment, an ethics case study and an industrial relations case study.

Assessment is essentially formative to assist students in achieving an acceptable level. However, students are not able to undertake the first engineering experience internship until they have passed all the compulsory components of this subject.

Typical availability

Autumn session, City campus
Spring session, City campus

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Access conditions

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