University of Technology Sydney

Undergraduate course information

TD School offers offers the Diploma in Innvovation (C20060) that can only be taken along side a UTS bachelor's degree. The Diploma in Innovation adds breadth to a core degree with an equal emphasis on creative intelligence (CI) and innovation and entrepreneurship. CI is a transdisciplinary approach to defining and solving complex problems. Innovation and entrepreneurship emphasise simple actions to experiment towards such solutions. The subjects in the diploma run in July or Summer sessions, so the diploma does not extend the graduation date of student's core degree. Each of the subjects in the diploma are also available as electives to all undergraduate students.

TD School rules


A minimum of 80 per cent attendance at classes (as outlined in the timetable) is required for all undergraduate courses.

Recognition of prior learning

Students who are enrolled in TD School and who have previously studied at another university or other recognised tertiary educational institution may be eligible for recognition of prior learning (RPL) in the form of subject exemptions, if the subjects previously studied are deemed by TD School to be equivalent to those specified for their course. In some circumstance, relevant work experience may also be considered in the postgraduate courses subject to meeting the requirements stated in the postgraduate section below.

RPL is not granted for subjects taken more than five years prior to the first session of study in the relevant TD School course, unless there is evidence through work experience that the knowledge has remained current.

Students are to apply for RPL at enrolment in their first session of study. RPL is only granted in exceptional circumstances after this time.

Students should note that RPL given in one course at UTS are not necessarily transferred to another course at UTS after a successful internal course transfer has occurred.

Requests for exemptions for one third or less of the degree are assessed by the respective course director. Requests for exemptions for more than one third of the degree need to be considered by the RAO. The maximum amount of credit allowed by TD School for RPL is 50 per cent of the total course credit point requirement for an undergraduate course.

Students must complete an application for Recognition of prior learning.

Assessment submission/presentation

Late penalties may apply to all assessment tasks as outlined in the assessment briefs. Requests for short-term extensions (no more than one week) without academic penalty must be made by contacting the subject coordinator in writing by the close of the business day prior to the due date. Extensions may only be granted for up to one week.

Students whose studies are affected by serious illness or hardship and require long-term extensions should submit an online application for special consideration.