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UTS: Transdisciplinary Innovation
Credit points: 6 cp
Result type: Grade and marks


This subject enables students to become confident navigators of entrepreneurial ecosystems and develop a heightened awareness and capacity to leverage such ecosystems to advance their own venture and/or become an ambassador within them. Students are exposed to stakeholders at local, national and global levels. While fostering confidence in building and expanding relationships for the purpose of advancing their entrepreneurial aspiration, students study the characteristics of leading industry clusters, entrepreneurial support systems and related policy making.


Assessment task 1: Ecosystem directory

Type: Report
Groupwork: Individual
Weight: 30%
  • Resourcefulness (depth and breadth) of desktop search to inform critical decision-making with regards to conceptualising entrepreneurial ecosystems
  • Comprehensive rationale for the scope of entrepreneurial ecosystem exploration
  • Relevance of interview design and originality and criticality of questions raised and explored
  • Insightfulness and coherence of your discoveries about perceptions of entrepreneurial ecosystem(s) from interview(s)

Assessment task 2: Ecosystem mapping

Type: Project
Groupwork: Group, group and individually assessed
Weight: 30%
  • Richness and breadth of entrepreneurial ecosystem, including detailed interconnections within it
  • Comprehensive evidence of contribution to inter-disciplinary team effort and achievement *
  • Respectful and professional engagement of stakeholders towards insightful histories of the entrepreneurial ecosystem
  • Convincing and insightful exploration of stakeholder engagement with your visualisation of the entrepreneurial ecosystem

* Group marks are based on the other three criteria, moderated by the results from the (Spark+) peer assessments. Non-completion of Spark+ will result in a 20% penalty of this group assessment

Assessment task 3: Opportunity analysis

Type: Reflection
Groupwork: Individual
Weight: 40%
  • Succinctness and novelty in envisioning the future state of an Entrepreneurial Ecosystem (e.g. strengths, gaps, fragmentation)
  • Convincing and insightful analysis, identifying levers by which the entrepreneurial ecosystem can be developed
  • Original and achievable proposal for one or more key stakeholder(s) to activate levers to develop an Entrepreneurial Ecosystem
  • Thorough exploration of the value or impact that the proposed visualisation of the ecosystem might have on stakeholders

Minimum requirements

Students must attempt each assessment task and achieve an overall pass mark in order to pass this subject.

A minimum of 80% attendance of classes (as outlined in the timetable) is required.

Late penalties apply to all assessment tasks as outlined in the FTDi Student Guide booklet and assessment briefs.