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88941 Experience Economy

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UTS: Design, Architecture and Building: Design
Credit points: 6 cp
Result type: Grade and marks

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This subject introduces students to post-industrial capitalism, variously called the service economy, the information economy, the knowledge economy, the experience economy, and the support economy. Through a series of readings, seminars, observations and self-interrogations, students explore the contexts that are making branding significant, such as globalisation, quality assurance, customer relations management, human resources management, post-materialist societal values, and dematerialisation. The subject involves fieldwork investigating how businesses are packaging experiences for target audiences and the critical reflection by each student of their own consumption habits and values.

Content (topics)

This subject addresses some or all of the following issues and topics:

  • Theories of Post-industrial economies and their critics
  • Pine and Gilmore's The Experience Economy and Zuboff's The Support Economy
  • Ingelhardt's postmaterialism
  • Klein's No Logo and Ritzer's The Globalisation of Nothing
  • The Attention Economy
  • Service and self-service economies
  • Profit pools and customer loyalty retentio
  • The human resources war for talent
  • Observational research techniques
  • Experience notation
  • Psychographic profiling