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31028 Project

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UTS: Information Technology: Professional Practice and Leadership
Credit points: 2 cp

Subject level:


Result type: Grade and marks

Requisite elaboration/waiver: Faculty approval required to enrol - student(s) must define a topic, find a supervisor and register the project before being granted permission to enrol in this subject.

Recommended studies: completion of subjects relevant to the project topic


This subject is intended to give students experience in working independently on a small research or development project. The project may be drawn from any area of information technology or may be part of a multidisciplinary project such as those managed by UTS Shopfront. Students can work on a project individually or in a small group. Each project is supervised by a member of academic staff.

Subject learning objectives (SLOs)

Upon successful completion of this subject students should be able to:

1. Application of skills and knowledge gained in the course to a specific project with defined deliverables on schedule.
2. Be able to develop requirement specifications and user documentation appropriate to the needs of the client
3. Be aware of the roles of project team members including those of the client and third parties and be able to apply basic project management techniques
4. Be able to communicate appropriately to the client, project team members and supervisor
5. Be able to learn new skills and techniques outside the context of the university environment
6. Be able to conduct critical self-review and reflection on the outcomes of the project

Teaching and learning strategies

In this subject there is no formal classwork - students will work independently with minimal supervision from an academic.

Students must attend the seminars organised by the subject coordinator - this will typically be an initial introduction seminar and a review seminar. They will develop learning objectives with their academic supervisor and are required to maintain regular contact with their academic supervisor.

Projects involving clients (such as those organised by UTS:Shopfront) may have extra scheduled meetings with their project supervisor (which could be an external party or a UTS:Shopfront officer) and/or clients.


Assessment task 1: Learning Contract

Intent: Before enrolling in this subject the student(s) must complete a Learning Contract with their supervisor and this contract must be approved by the subject coordinator
Weight: 5%

Assessment task 2: Intermediate/draft deliverable

Intent: Generally all projects will be required to produce a mid-semester intermediate or draft deliverable. This will be determined by the learning contract negotiated by the students(s), supervisor and subject coordinator
Weight: 20%

Assessment task 3: Final Deliverable

Intent: The final deliverable is presented to the client and supervisor as negotiated by the learning contract.
Weight: 50%

Assessment task 4: Individual personal reflection

Intent: Each individual student will be required to write a personal reflection report on what they have learnt in this project.
Weight: 15%

Assessment task 5: Learning Journal

Intent: Students must maintain a personal learning journal of their activities, experiences, reflections and issues at least weekly
Weight: 10%

Minimum requirements

In order to pass this subject a student must:

  • Complete a satisfactory learning contract with their supervisor and subject coordinator, AND
  • Attend compulsory meetings as required by their supervisor and/or client, AND
  • Achieve an overall mark of 50% or more.

Students who are unable to met these requirements may be refused permission to be considered for assessment in this subject under Student Rule 3.8.2, and a Fail will be recorded for this subject.