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16106 Drawing and Surveying

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UTS: Design, Architecture and Building: School of the Built Environment
Credit points: 6 cp

Subject level:


Result type: Grade and marks


In this subject, detailed instruction is given in manual drafting and graphic skills and the reading of construction drawings. Students are introduced to CAD work using 2D CAD packages. In terms of surveying, the subject covers the process of setting out works; extractions of information from surveying drawings, levels and contours; the choice of setting out techniques; the use of tape, level, theodolite and optical plummets; the NSW land title systems and the powers of public authorities. Fieldwork involving the use of building surveying equipment is undertaken.

Subject learning objectives (SLOs)

On successful completion of this subject, students should be able to:

1. prepare technical drawings and building plans using a CAD system
2. set out a building and components using tape (trigonometry), levels and theodolites and electronic distance measuring equipment
3. interpret complex survey drawings and define building site boundaries on the ground from registered drawings
4. be familiar with and be competent in the use of computer aided drafting and applied applications.


Assessment task 1: Tutorials

Weight: 10%

Assessment task 2: Field Days

Weight: 20%

Assessment task 3: Worksheets

Weight: 5%

Assessment task 4: Project

Weight: 20%

Assessment task 5: Final Exam

Weight: 45%