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15617 Team Building and Leadership

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UTS: Design, Architecture and Building: Institute for Public Policy and Governance
Credit points: 6 cp
Result type: Grade and marks


This subject requires students to build and lead a team through a local government hypothetical scenario. Action learning is combined with workshop sessions, coaching and mentoring. Students are guided through a series of steps to build and form a team and they then take the team through a hypothetical local leadership challenge. This is followed by a de-brief, feedback and a critical reflection. This subject allows students to build and enhance their own leadership capabilities and also provide support and encouragement to others. Students keep a logbook throughout the subject and then write up a reflective analysis at the end of the subject.

Subject learning objectives (SLOs)

On successful completion of this subject, students should be able to:

1. an ability to plan and prepare for building and leading a team
2. skills in team-building and formation
3. the ability to analyse their own leadership behaviour and that of others in the team
4. the ability to mentor and coach a team through a challenge
5. the ability to reflect, analyse and provide constructive feed back on team behaviour and performance
6. the skills to develop leadership capacity-building initiatives for themselves and others.

Teaching and learning strategies

Experiential learning, action learning, team role, team leadership, self reflection, self and peer feedback, online reflection.

Content (topics)

The subject will vary according to the negotiated project but is expected to cover the following broad content:

  • Online learning reflections
  • Team dynamics
  • Forming and selecting a team
  • Understanding different leadership styles
  • Mentoring and coaching
  • Assessing team effectiveness
  • Action planning

Required texts

There are no textbooks for this subject. A comprehensive workbook including notes for each subject module and selected readings and case studies is provided to each student.