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99652 Chinese Herbal Formula 2

Requisite(s): 99651 Chinese Herbal Formula 1


This subject continues and expands on the theory of Chinese herbal formula taught in 99651 Chinese Herbal Formula 1, including the formulation, composition and combination of appropriate individual medicinal substances and their clinical applications. The subject also continues to develop the theoretical basis of the various preparations of Chinese medicinals for dispensing known as pao zhi (??). Pao zhi theory, first introduced in 99567 Introduction to Chinese Herbal Medicine, is taken up in 99651 Chinese Herbal Formula 1 and this subject to extend the student's understanding and application of pao zhi for the safe preparation and administration of Chinese medicinal substances.

In Chinese medicine, fang ji (??) is the term for prescription medications or formulas. Fang (?) refers to the competency of making formulations in a written form, and ji (?) means medicinal preparations. Fang ji is the practice of the skill itself, formulas that are put into practice. In this subject, students learn and apply fang ji principles to develop appropriate medicinal prescriptions in a written form, and to practice their skills in preparing, modifying and administering Chinese formulas in the clinical setting.

The subject guides students in their formulation of Chinese herbal prescriptions through a series of learning activities that practice their TCM diagnostic reasoning and treatment method planning. Chinese medicine's treatment methods are the link between diagnosis and the selection of appropriate formula strategies and individual medicinal modifications. Effective Chinese herbal formula treatments are developed through accurate diagnosis and treatment planning. On that basis the treatment response, the formulation of medicinal substances with appropriate preparations and dosages, is carefully constructed according to the conventions and structures of Chinese prescription writing.

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