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99029 Ground Rules for Contaminated Sites

6cp; Face-to-face attendance is required for the 3-day compulsory block of classes. This includes 2.5 days of workshop activities on campus and a half-day field trip to a site of environmental relevance in the Sydney region. Online self-paced learning occurs before and after face-to-face activities.
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This subject explores how Australian regulatory frameworks for contaminated site management are applied in real world situations. Students learn advanced skills and knowledge focused on Australian guidelines and regulation, developments and trends in site assessment, an overview of contaminants, how to conduct site assessments responsibly and avoid legal pitfalls, plus an overview of remediation and management techniques and technologies. Additionally, students are engaged in what is expected in the roles, responsibilities and career paths of the various groups of professionals working in contaminated site management, including site auditors, consultants, local government officers, regulators.

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