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99028 Water Quality: Issues, Indicators and Safety Guidelines

4cp; 5 weeks of self-paced online activities, 1 all day field trip to a river / lake location in New South Wales (in week 9 or 10)
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Water is an essential element of our lives, giving life to all living creatures on Earth. The importance of ensuring that this water is of sound quality is great, particularly if that water is intended for human uses. Best practice water quality testing can provide valuable data on the condition of a particular body of water and whether it may require management intervention. Understanding the health of a waterbody is also critical in enabling managers to create and maintain appropriate water management plans for the future.

This subject teaches field skills and conceptual knowledge focused on the following topics: Water quality guidelines for industry, monitoring water quality, cyanobacterial guidelines and risks, bacterial pollution, trace metals and other toxicants, ecotoxicology and bioindicators, issues related to reservoir management and water quality issues associated with mining and other human developments. The field-based learning is completed in a block-mode activity, complemented with online learning on the core content with recorded lectures.

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